new album "experience" out now!


"Experience" is the name of the debut album by the 10-membered (!) reggae band Basement Roots from Lucerne, Switzerland. After countless hours of spending time in the rehearsal room and fine-tuning their sound, the young newcomers became an integral part of the Swiss reggae scene. Thanks to more than a hundred concerts, an EP and now with their first long-play, they are sending out their tribute to the Jamaican 60ies and 70ies.

On "Experience" Basement Roots convinces with the perfect balance between attention to detail and skilful restraint. In collaboration with the German roots reggae singer and producer Martin Zobel, a unique piece of analog Caribbean feeling was captured. The mix of roots reggae, ska, rocksteady and dub as well as the multiple lead vocalists make "Experience" a throughout diverse and colourful record. A mighty horns section, sweetest harmonies, solo parts and vibeful instrumentals round up this timeless "Experience", which you should not miss to check out!


new videoclip out now!

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