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It's been 12 years now since the Reggae band Basement Roots was born out of a schoolyard idea. Since then, the Lucerne-based group has been on the road almost non-stop. Carrying in their bags: The experience from over 200 concerts in all thinkable corners of Switzerland, in France, Germany, but also in Senegal and in Ghana.


With great devotion, the band takes its authentic homage to the Jamaican 60s and 70s out into the world. What really makes Basement Roots, however, are the intimate, loving friendships within the band that have developed over all these years and can be felt far beyond the edge of the stage.



If you want to see the band cycling through Lucerne's nightlife, watch the video clip for the song "Clown" from the EP "Cherry Eleven". Down the stairs without braking, or: Here's to another 12 years of Basement Roots!


After recording the LP "Experience" in Tübingen, Basement Roots also convinces on their new EP "Cherry Eleven" with a perfect balance between attention to detail and skilful restraint. Completely on their own, a mix of Roots Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady and Dub was created, keeping the record exciting from the first to the last note. Florian Zellweger (singer, guitarist, composer, and musical mastermind of the band) is changing hats between band member and producer, while the rehearsal room in Emmenbrücke had to serve as a recording studio. Nonetheless, the EP sounds completely different than the circumstances might suggest: It's powerful, massive, and brilliant at the same time!

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